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 Parenting has become isolating, frustrating and often robs both parent and child of the joy and satisfaction of this critical life experience.    Learn more.

Family Centered Parenting® is your guide for growing great families.    Learn more.

Today’s economy demands the highest level of employee productivity.  Family Centered Parenting® can help meet the challenges of work life and family life.   Learn more.

Family Centered Parenting® is more a process than a program – there are no cookie cutter approaches to raising a family.  It is flexible and can be adapted to a variety of family situations – single parents, special needs children, gifted and talented children, blended families and ranges in age of children.


Is your family life more stressful than it needs to be? You’re not alone! There are many reasons why families can use some assistance – Children don’t arrive with an instruction book! Learn more.


Do you have children in sports or other activities? Is keeping up with their schedules as well as your own taking its toll on your family?
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Do you have a child with special needs? Are they getting all the educational services they should?
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Is your family life getting in the way of your couple life?
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