Family Centered Parenting

Ten Weeks To Growing A Great Family

Week One* Introduction to Family Centered Parenting®

  • Is Your Parenting Style Rooted in a Philosophy?
  • Theory of Behavior – All Behaviors are Choices
  • Individual Needs – Understanding and Meeting Basic Needs of Everyone

Week Two* Be Heard, Be Listened to, Be Understood

  • Principles of Effective Communication

Week Three TeleSeminar – Taking Stock

  • Review and Practice Needs Theory and Communication Principles

Week Four* The Family Meeting – Where it All Happens

  • The Why, When & How of Family Meetings

Week Five TeleSeminar – Fine Tuning Your Meeting Skills

  • Don’t Stunt Your Growth

Week Six* Branching Out – FCP in Action

  • Putting It Together – The Plan, Shutdown, Crisis Management

Week Seven TeleSeminar – Making It Work

  • Fine Tuning Behavioral Interventions

Week Eight* Living & Breathing FCP

  • Hot Topics – How to Handle: Sex, Drug Education and Prevention
  • Schooling
  • Fathering
  • Single Parent and Blended Families

Week Nine* Above & Beyond and Graduation

  • Unique Families & Kids: Special Needs, Gifted, Challenging Behaviors

Week Ten Post Grad TeleSeminar – Follow Up and Problem Solving

* In person meetings will last two hours

TeleSeminar sessions are 45 minutes (TeleSeminars are sessions you call into from the comfort of your home – no driving or babysitters needed!)

All participants may also communicate questions and comments via email directly with GGR coaches throughout the program.