Family Centered Parenting® The Book

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Children don’t arrive with an instruction book.  Raising children and providing for their physical as well as emotional needs is a difficult job for which we receive little training.   It should not be surprising that parenting has become isolating, frustrating and often robs both parent and child of the joy and satisfaction of this critical life experience.

We often approach parenting reflexively, relying on what we learned from how we were parented.  Family Centered Parenting offers families a model which will help parents develop a parenting style that reflects their unique values while providing guidelines, strategies and specific tools necessary to make thoughtful decisions about their parenting options.

Family Centered Parenting is more than just a narrative, it contains real-life examples, dialogues and activities to help parents refine their skills and grow in confidence as they navigate the parenting journey.  Family Centered Parenting is more a process than a program and is sufficiently flexible to be adapted to a variety of family situations – single parents, special needs children, gifted and talented children, blended families and ranges in age of children.

Family Centered Parenting begins with a discussion of why people behave the way they do and follows with a guide to implementing effective communication principles, strategies to hold essential family meetings, discipline techniques that stress individual responsibility and information on responding to unique family needs.  The ultimate goal of Family Centered Parenting is to create a family structure which is empowering to both parent and child and leads to a harmonious and joyful family life.

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