Family Life in the 21st Century!

  • Family life has become more stressful – two working parents, blended families, single parent homes, adolescent challenges, child safety concerns.
  • Gender roles in relationships have become less defined.
  • Children don’t arrive with an instruction book!
  • Parenting is the only job for which there is no required education or training.
  • Couples often have to balance career goals with personal goals.
  • Older children moving back home and intergenerational relationships profoundly affect families.
  • Research points to creating strong relationships as an essential ingredient for happiness and longevity.
  • Effective communication is a foundation for relationships and is challenged by our instant message, sound byte society.

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Who will benefit from GGR’s assistance?

  • Families where parents’ needs always come last.
  • Families where the caregivers differ in their approach to parenting.
  • Families seeking a comprehensive approach to parenting consistent with their values.
  • Families with a child with special needs.
  • Families experiencing sibling rivalries.
  • Families making decisions about college and post high school training.
  • Families meeting the demands of a child who is a gifted student, athlete or performer.
  • Families stressed by the conflicting schedules of children and parents.

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