Special Needs Child

If your child is not receiving the education they deserve, don’t resort to expensive and adversarial litigation. Richard & Jane have:

  • 40 + years of professional experience as an educator in regular and special education settings
  • 30 years of experience as parents of a child with special needs
  • 25 + years of experience advocating for families in the disabilities and educational communities
  • A profound understanding of the impact on a family of parenting a child with special needs
  • The ability to communicate effectively with school staff that is affirmative but not adversarial

Typical support from GGR would include:

  • Review evaluations to make sure they reflect an accurate picture of your child’s needs
  • Review IEP’s or 504 plans to ensure they are adequately addressing your child’s needs
  • Review IEP’s or 504 plans to ensure consistency with state and federal code requirements
  • Offer recommendations as to what to ask for from school
  • Give practical tips how to negotiate with school
  • Help parents/guardians manage interactions with teachers and school officials
  • Assist parents in monitoring the effectiveness of their child’s school program

Contact us for a FREE consultation to determine how GGR can help – info@GrowingGreatRelationships.com

Cost would be determined by complexity of student profile as discussed during the initial FREE consult.