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Are You Ready for the Upcoming Season?

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In a world of instant communication and changing parental expectations, coaches can benefit from increasing their skills to enable them to create an environment where parents are involved with the athletic program in a positive manner based on open communication and an understanding of mutual needs and expectations. In addition, student athletes who now must make difficult choices in our wide open, fast paced information age society need even more guidance and support from their coaches.

Growing Great Relationships (GGR) provides curriculum materials, seminars, webinars and tele-conferences to National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) members that are designed to enhance their communication and relationship skills so that they can respond most productively to today’s parents and athletes. The cornerstone for building a cohesive, need fulfilling athletic experience for students and their families is the trust and respect that evolves from honest relationships.

GGR and NHSCA recently conducted a survey of high school coaches and Athletic Directors.  Over 3,000 responded.  Click here for more information about this survey and its results.

In response to the results of this survey GGR has developed the

Coach / Athlete / Parent Partnership – CAP PACT

The CAP PACT™ is the blueprint for creating the cooperative and productive partnerships among coach, athlete and parent(s) that ensures that the student athlete’s high school athletic experience will be fulfilling and serve as an important step in furthering the athlete’s development in setting and achieving worthwhile goals for themselves and the community. The CAP PACT™ is a tool kit with a set of principles, values and commitments that is made by the three parties that must operate cooperatively to insure a positive athletic experience for the student, the coach and the parents.

The CAP PACT™ is intended to be used either as a supplement to whatever existing handbook a local school produces for its athletic program or as a standalone document. However, in order to underscore the importance of the CAP PACT™, it should be seen and presented as a core process separate and apart from communicating the nuts and bolts of the school’s program (schedules, equipment, local rules, conference policies, etc.)

The CAP PACT™ is designed with sufficient flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of a particular school or school district. It can be utilized by an individual coach for his/her sport or by the entire athletic department for all teams in a particular season. Clearly, maximum participation by coaches, athletic directors and school administrators will have a direct impact on the success of the CAP PACT™ achieving its goals in the school community.

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