Workshops & Seminars

Growing Great Relationships offers educational and entertaining workshops and seminars to groups. Here’s just a sampling.

Family Centered Parenting® 10 Weeks To Growing A Great Family Click here for full description of program.

How Do We Find The Time? Managing the conflicting demands of school, athletics, activities and family life.

What Can Parents Do About Their Child Being Bullied OR Becoming A Bully? Building resiliency – the antidote to bullying; The tell-tale signs your child is turning into a bully.

Nobody Around Here Understands Me! Family members learning skills to be heard and feel understood.

My Children Are So Different: Parenting in a family with an exceptional student/athlete and an average or below average child.

The Pressure Cooker of Preparing For College: The impact on parenting as students engage in the process of applying for college.

Parenting The Child Who Has Left Home – off to college, married or living their adult life.

Kids Moving In With Parents & Parents Moving In With Kids. Managing an intergenerational household.

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