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Why do I need a coach?

I have some important goals that I want to achieve but just can't seem to get started.

I just ended a relationship and not sure how to get back in the game.

I am having a tough time reconstructing my life after divorce.

A Man’s Coach is a coaching specialist. He utilizes a framework that recognizes and validates a man’s unique perspective and experiences. Men in particular, because of a desire not to be perceived as weak or vulnerable, tend to isolate themselves when faced with challenges. They find it particularly difficult to seek advice and assistance. 

A Man's Coach  creates a mentoring environment that gives men the freedom to explore their lives from a place that is free of shame and criticism.

Coaching is a unique personal relationship that helps a person get from where they are to where they want to be. Through regular telephone and e-mail contact over a period of months the coach provides support and advice to empower a person to overcome obstacles and fully achieve desired life-changing outcomes. A coach assists in identifying and defining goals, creating a game plan to achieve those goals, supporting the small successes achieved and holding the individual accountable for accomplishing their goals.

A coach is not a therapist. Coaching is oriented to short term growth and life enhancement rather than to the repairing or healing of emotional wounds. The role of a coach often compliments the work of a psychologist or counselor by assisting the individual in putting the insights gained from counseling or therapy into practice. However, by no means is coaching a substitute for therapy.

Dr. Richard Horowitz, A Man’s Coach and family coach with over 10 years experience as a coach and trainer, is using his new Blog "Walk Like A Man" to underscore the unique aspects of a man's life journey and the importance of using the services of a gender specific coach.

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 I am not advancing in my career as quickly as I should. I feel stuck. Should I look for a new job or try to show my boss how good I am?

More often than not I am feeling like, "Is that all there is?" Not really depressed but not enjoying life the way I want.

My relationship with my significant other is stagnant. Not sure how to make it work or maybe I should just bail.