​​Baby Boomer Coaches

Those of us born between 1945 and 1965 expect to live our so-called senior years fully engaged with an active and purposeful life.  We look at life far differently than similar age groups did in the past.

The myriad of issues surrounding the end stage of our careers and the contemplation of retirement won’t just somehow just work themselves out.  Often, after the initial feeling of relief from the demands of work, many find themselves adrift and unhappy.

                             Challenges That Confront Us


My Work Life - Is it time to

say enough?

  • Am I feeling burnt out?
  • Is it becoming more difficult to keep up with technology?
  • My values just don't seem to mesh with younger colleagues.
  • Do I still have the energy and desire to take on new projects?
  • ​​Is it too late to change careers?

My Adult Children –

Life-long parenting strategies

  • When do I stop paying for things?
  • How do I help them cope with divorce?
  • Their lifestyle choices are all wrong.
  • My daughter is an addict.
  • How can I get them to communicate without pestering?

                                         My Parents’ Needs - Responding to the demands

                                          of the last stages of a boomer's parents’ lives.

  • ​My mom/dad doesn't recognize me any more.
  • ​My parents have passed and I feel like an orphan. 
  • They need to leave their long-time home or gets lots of help.
  • I need to take the car away.

                        There Are Strategies That Can Help


Whether you are retired, close to retirement or contemplating decisions about retirement, let us help you create a Retirement Action Plan – your own personal RAP Sheet!

The coaching interaction does not require office visits so geography is not a barrier. Telephone, Skype and email are wonderful tools for a coaching relationship!

Contact us today for a free initial consultation – your finances may be planned for, now let’s plan how you’re going to live your new life!

Baby Boomers Today

Grand Parenting Strategies - How to be an involved and supportive grandparent!

  • Am I spoiling them?
  • How can I keep up with all their energy?
  • Can I relate to their world authentically?
  • What do I do when I disagree with my son/daughter's parenting decisions?
  • Are my values in sync with my grandchildren and their parents?
  • Am I expected to do regular childcare? What about my needs?

Questions?  Go to FAQ'sfor some answers.

My Time - What to do with my time that lets me feel needed and fulfilled

  • Me Time; We Time – can I stand being with him/her 24/7
  • What will keep me occupied and fulfilled after I finish my to do list?
  • How can I maintain my physical and mental fitness?
  • Relationships – with family, friends, making new friends (no more work buddies).
  • Where to live and how to make that decision.