Reducing the stress you experience in dealing with parents and others will give you more time and energy to reach the goals and objectives of your athletic program.

The Coach / Athlete / Parent Partnership(CAP Pact) is the tool kit for creating a stress free cooperative and productive partnership among coach, athlete and parent. The CAP Pact provides a step by step blueprint to enable the coach, athlete and parent to communicate and work together to ensure that the high school athletic experience will be mutually fulfilling and serve as an important step in setting and achieving worthwhile goals for the athlete, the program and the community.

The CAP PACTGoals:

I. Coach, Athlete, Parent Are In Partnership - The shared objective is for an athletic experience for the student that builds athletic skills while also developing life skills – character, discipline, respect, concern for others.

II. Partnerships are Built on Honest, Open Communication -We build healthy working relationships by communicating effectively with students, parents and the community at large..

III. Disputes Are Resolved According to Specific Written Procedures – Knowing the steps and following the chain of command is based on mutual respect.

Do This NOW To Make Your Next Season the best it can be!

Have you built a true partnership with your athletes’ parents?

Are you communicating effectively with today’s adolescents?

What are you doing to effectively resolve disputes among coach, athlete and/or parent?

coach / athlete / parent pact

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