How does a family decide whether or not a child should compete at this level?  There are so many questions for families to consider.

  • How much competition is too much?
  • Is s/he the right coach for my child?
  • Are we really listening to what our child wants?
  • How can we truly assess the impact on our family life?​
  • What about the needs of our non-athletic children?
  • What if more than one of our children is an elite athlete in a different sport?
  • What is the impact of letting them leave the family home for camps and boarding programs?
  • How do we handle potential criticism and gain support from our extended families?

  • How do we prevent burnout?
  • Can my son/daughter handle the pressure?
  • Are they doing it to please their parents? – Whose journey is it anyway? 
  • What about my needs as an adult?
  • What if we are not always in agreement?
  • How do I continue to motivate my child without putting too much pressure?
  • Is involvement in elite sports really a good financial investment?

Every athlete needs an experienced coach.  Every parent should have one too.

The Family Centered Parenting (FCP) program offers families the tools to meet the challenges of parenting a child or children striving to compete at the highest level.  A FCP coach can work with a family via telephone, skype and email to implement FCP practices which will enhance family life and provide strategies for dealing with family issues that is need fulfilling for all members of the family.

 FCP staff can also provide seminars/webinars to providers of sports service, sports equipment, entrepreneurs and organizations to help them understand the challenges the family faces and to help them help families meet the demands of a highly competitive athletic environment.