family  centered parenting®  coaching

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Goal setting, creating action plans, skill enhancement and cheerleading are at the heart of the coaching process which is usually more short term than therapy.

Who: Parent(s) along with GGR Coaches

What: Personal coach to assist in developing effective parenting skills and strategies which are the core for successful parenting. Goals for the parents and family will be implemented through written and telephone interactions over an initial three month period.

Where: Via Teleconference and email

When: By appointment at mutually convenient times

How: After the initial FREE consultation, parents will receive an in-depth Family Profile to complete. Once the Family Profile is returned, GGR coaches will review and then schedule the first of two one-hour goal setting teleconferences. During that first month two additional 45 minute teleconferences will be scheduled to determine Action Plan objectives. Parents will also have access to unlimited emails to clarify and/or ask questions.

For the next two months, weekly 30 minute teleconferences will be scheduled to follow progress of the Action Plan and assist with issues that arise. In addition, parents will continue to have access to unlimited email contact.

Near the end of the third month, GGR coaches and parents will reassess Action Plan objectives and determine the next steps in the coaching relationship.