family centered parenting®

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Family Centered Parenting® - An introduction to the FCP system for growing a great family.

What Can Parents Do About Their Child Being Bullied OR Becoming A Bully?Building resiliency – the antidote to bullying; The tell-tale signs your child is turning into a bully.

The Hot Topics - How to discuss and manage the issues surrounding substance abuse, alcohol, sexuality, etc.

Help, My Kids Are Addicted To Technology! - What your kids are getting from their habit and what parents can realistically do about it.

Is It ADHD Or Is He Just Being A Boy? - What a parent needs to know about ADHD.

How Do We Find The Time? - Managing the conflicting demands of school, athletics, activities and family life.

My Children Are So Different! - Parenting in a family with an exceptional student/athlete and an average or below average child.

The Pressure Cooker of Preparing For College - The impact on parenting as students engage in the process of applying for college.

Parenting The Child Who Has Left HomeLife long parenting strategies when they are off to college, married or just living their adult life.

Is Your Special Needs Child Receiving All The Accommodations They Deserve? - Tips and strategies on how to be the best advocate for your child.

Is It Possible – Homework/Chores Completed With No Arguments? - Why it’s OK to negotiate with your children to establish rules that will be followed.

Are We Losing Our Boys? - Why are boys and young men not achieving and what can be done to reverse the cycle.

Help! My 26-Year-Old Is Moving Back Home - The 3 R’s for managing an intergenerational household.

Motivating Your Child For Success - How to keep your children focused on goals and motivated to succeed.

Getting The Most From Our Schools - Best practices for parental engagement with your child's educational progress.

Meeting the Challenge of Raising Children While Keeping a Relationship Thriving - Tips and strategies for parents to keep their relationship strong despite the demands of parenting.

Parenting Strategies for Children with Disabilities - Best practices for managing the unique demands of raising a child with a disability.

Fathering in Families with a Special Needs Child - The unique role and challenges a father faces in parenting his special needs child.A brief summary of the most important practices for growing a great family.