family  centered grandparenting

Navigating The Grandparenting Journey

Is Your Grandparenting Experience As Fulfilling You Expected?

Grandparenting can be joyous and challenging at the same time.   The key to make the experience as positive and fulfilling for both you and your grand children is to acquire the tools to overcome the challenges that are both universal and unique to your family.


  • My grand kids don't live nearby.​
  • I can't seem to get my teenage grand kids to talk to me.
  • The grand kids are always on their phones and tablets.
  •  How can I assure them that the world is not as scary as it is portrayed in the media.
  •  I really disagree with the way my kids are parenting.
  •  Sometimes I feel that I am just an unpaid child care service.

Through our coaching services we can provide grandparents with the tools and strategies to meet these challenges and also to assist in understanding and resolving issues unique to their family situation.

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