• creates a mentoring environment that gives individuals the freedom to explore their lives from a place that is free of shame and criticism.
  • assists in identifying and defining goals, creating a game plan to achieve those goals, supporting the small successes achieved and holding the individual accountable for accomplishing their goals.
  • provides support and advice through regular telephone and e-mail contact over a period of months to empower a person to overcome obstacles and fully achieve desired life-changing outcomes.​

  • is not a therapist. The role of a coach often compliments the work of a psychologist or counselor by assisting the individual in putting the insights gained from counseling or therapy into practice. However, by no means is coaching a substitute for therapy.

How Coaching Helped: 

Thanks for a really good coaching session ... Focusing on real issues among the crap, validating my issues and coming up with action plans. 

Thank you for all of your help.  David and I are doing great. 

Thank you for really good coaching session ... Focusing on real issues among the crap, validating my issues and coming up with action plan. 

We were incredibly surprised on how much we accomplished after just one coaching session with Richard and Jane.



  • focuses on one's relationship to their career and how their work most closely fulfills their goals and aspirations.

Career coaching encompasses:

  • Job searching skills
  • Networking strategies
  • Elevator speech construction and refinement
  • Resume preparation and review
  • Sharpening interviewing skills
  • Improving job maintenance skills
  • Effective supervisor & subordinate interactions
  • Career advancement strategies and planning


My interview today went extremely well, thanks to your sharing your expertise at last week's meeting.

I got the position at______________!   Thank you again for preparing me for the interview.

Your coaching really helped me clarify my goals and got me on my path for making the career change I desperately needed.

Feedback from a Recent Seminar on Interviewing

Good information meets my needs right now.

Made me comfortable and helped lower my stress levels.

Excellent interview skills overview;  Dr. H. is very experienced and knowledgeable.

Got great ideas on how to handle some of the tough interview questions.

 Great insight into behavioral interviewing.