Let me help you create a Retirement Action Plan your own personal RAP Sheet!

This can be done through telephone/Skype and email.   The coaching interaction does not require office visits so geography is not a barrier.

Contact me today – your finances may be planned for, now let’s plan how you’re going to live your new life!

Retirement isn’t just about having enough money!

Challenges such as:

Me Time; We Time – can I stand being with him/her 24/7?

What will keep me occupied and fulfilled after I finish my do to list?

Physical and Mental Fitness

Relationships – with family, friends, making new friends (no more work buddies!)

Where to live – How to make that decision.

Many pre-retirees believe that the myriad of issues surrounding this life change will somehow just work themselves out. But, in fact, after the initial feeling of relief from the demands of work, many find themselves adrift and unhappy.