professional workshops

Schools and Families - Assisting families in receiving appropriate school services for their child - learn how to manage school meetings, understand IEPs and 504 plans, how to communicate effectively with school personnel and how to advocate for change in a child’s educational program.

Maximizing the Effectiveness Of Family Visitation - learn techniques to insure that family visitations will be safe and have positive outcomes for the child and family. Participants will learn effective communication skills, the ABCD of crisis resolution and how to prepare and assess goal attainment.

Change.......Helping families make the changes needed to improve the lives of children - learn principles of change, the obstacles that hinder change and specific strategies to foster and monitor the change process are presented.

Crisis Prevention: Strategies to diffuse family tensions to avoid emotional/physical escalation - learn the A,B,C,D model of how a crisis develops and how to respond at each level with the goal of avoiding escalation. Effective communication strategies will be modeled..

Supervising Case Management & Social Services Staff - learn the most effective and efficient techniques and strategies to monitor, evaluate and enhance the performance of Case Managers. Participants will learn how to implement a comprehensive performance appraisal plan. Compassion fatigue and employee retention will be discussed.

Fostering Positive Youth Development - learn how to identify, understand and respond to the specific obstacles that children in dependency and diversion experience which negatively impact cognitive, emotional and educational development.

The Helicopter Parent Has Landed - learn strategies for educators and coaches to respond positively to the over-involved parent.

Motivating the Adolescent Male  -learn the best practices for motivating adolescent males athletically and academically through an understanding of adolescent development

Conflicts With Siblings of Elite Athletes - learn how to manage the challenges on sibling relationships in a family that has devoted extra efforts to nurture the success of an elite child

Responding to Physically Acting-Out Youth - learn how to effectively and legally mange youth behavioral difficulties in schools and institutions

Classroom Management - learn the most effective techniques for creating a productive classroom environment utilizing choice theory and behavior modification strategies

Transporting Students With Behavioral Difficulties - learn techniques for avoiding and deescalating behavioral crisis and increase understanding of the origins of oppositional behaviors.

Are We Losing Our Boys? - learn the differences in gender related learning styles and learn strategies to improve educational outcomes for boys .

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