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So much of modern family life centers on our children’s sports and activities. However, in addition to the positive gains brought by active participation in organized sports and creative activities, there are numerous challenges to family life.

When children reach high school and join the world of competitive athletics, additional issues emerge.

Over 3,000 coaches and Athletic Directors responded to a nationwide survey conducted by Growing Great Relationships (GGR) in conjunction with the National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) that revealed some highly insightful information concerning the relationships and needs of coaches, student athletes and their parents as they strive to gain the most from participating in high school sports.

  • Over 50% of coaches find over involved parents as their number one concern.

  • More than 80% of coaches and athletic directors report that playing time is a parents’ greatest concern.

  • Almost 70% of coaches want parents to support them by keeping them informed of personal difficulties that their child is having at home.

  • Coaches and athletic directors overwhelmingly stressed the need for parents and students not to use social media and gossip with other parents about the team and their expertise.

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In response to this survey, GGR developed the CAP PACT™ (Coach, Athlete, Parent Pact) initiative to promote the most productive relationships among athletes, coaches and parents. The CAP PACT™ will promote those values and practices that can be put in place that ensures mutual respect, effective communication and strong partnerships so needed to make the athletic experience fulfilling for all concerned.

The CAP PACT™ is a set of principles, values and commitments that are made by the three parties that must operate cooperatively to insure a positive athletic experience for the student, the coach and the athlete’s parents. It includes key components of expectations for the relationships between the coach, parents and athletes as well as a step by step problem resolution section to help resolve any disputes that might occur during participation in the athletic program.

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