“Your workshop was found to be delightful. The participants felt that you were very engaging as well as informative.” (CP)

“Thank you so much! A great presentation.” Overall rating 99% excellent & very good. (MN, Foundations for Behavioral Health)

“Very informative. Very relevant, concise and clear.” Overall rating 4.7 out of 5. (Conference Evaluation)

“Thank you very much for your excellent presentation at our Pediatric Grand Rounds.” (Dr. ML)

“Dr. Horowitz is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had here or in any other college” (Student, FDU)

"Glad I had an advocate teach me in this area. I've attended one IEP meeting before and quite frankly had no idea what was going on. This will greatly help me advocate for my children in school and to help educate parents on how to empower them and encourage them to get what their children need." (Schools & Families seminar)

"Helped me understand how to effectively communicate with my clients. Good reminder to keep calm and not take things personally." (Family Time Visitation seminar)

"I feel it can greatly impact and improve my ability to connect and succeed with my families on their case plans. I will approach issues better." (Helping Families Make Changes seminar)

"Excellent workshop. Really helped me understand how to better manage crisis situations." (Crisis Management seminar)

a man's coach

"Thanks for a really good coaching session ... Focusing on real issues among the crap, validating my issues and coming up with action plans." (HG)

"I wanted to thank you for all of the emotional support and guidance you gave to me over the past months. You were a Godsend. It helped me get through the most difficult phases. So thanks again for all your advice and counsel." (CB)

"Your coaching really helped me clarify my goals and got me on my path for making the career change I desperately needed." (JR)

“Thank you for all of your help. David and I are doing great.” (AL)

"I've been making some headway. I appreciate your insight." (DF)

"Thank you Dr. Rich for all of your help, I appreciate it so much." (RC)


“We were incredibly surprised on how much we accomplished after just one coaching session with Richard and Jane” (RB,JB)

“Excellent! - Richard and Jane ~ I especially liked your affirmation that parenting is about helping children to get their needs met within the family's values and principles.” (DK)

"Thank You so much for sharing with the boosters tonight!!!! We are so grateful that you took the time to share your wealth of information! (PTO)

"I am continuing with your program and still find myself referring to your book. I will look into the book also for Michael and will post something to the mom’s groups about your services." (M)

A Few words of what people are saying about Richard and jane